This licence allows to navigate at sea, with a motor boat but also to use a scooter of the seas or a jet ski.

Navigation at sea is limited to 6 miles, with no power or size limit.

We work with the “Codes Rousseau” materials that provide the exam questions to the administration.

Upcoming licences dates

Registration : a training in two parts

A theoretical part

With your teacher and thanks to the online class, you will see:

An individual practical part

It’s a training of 3h30, including 2 hours of navigation. The teacher check that you learn everything.

L'examen théorique à Strasbourg

L’examen théorique est constitué de 30 questions à choix multiple (QCM) pour lesquelles il y a une ou plusieurs bonnes réponses. Pour réussir l’épreuve théorique il faut faire au maximum 5 fautes.

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