You are over 16 years old and you would like navigate on the waterways in France and Europe? The fluvial licence is made for you!

It is necessary to pilot a boat on waterways when the engine power is higher than 4.5 kW (6cv), including for sailing. The fluvial option will allow you to sail on a boat less than 20 metres long. Beyond that, you will need to be equipped with the large boating extension.

You will be able to navigate rivers, lakes and canals, drive a motorized water vehicle (VNM or water bike) in inland waters and use the portable VHF in French territorial waters.

Upcoming licences dates

Registration : a licence in two parts

A theorical part

With your teacher and thanks to the online class, you will see:

An individual practical part

It’s a training of 3h30, including 2 hours of navigation. The teacher check that you learn everything.

The theoretical exam in Mulhouse

The theoretical exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions (MCQ) for which there is one or more correct answers. To pass the theoretical test, you must make a maximum of 5 faults.

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